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International Remittance Card

Everything you need to know about our International Remittance Card.

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List of countries where the Remesita Card is not available
In this article you will find a list of the countries where the Remesita Card is not available.
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Where can I use the REMESITA CARD?
Find out how to use the Remesita Card at popular merchants around the world, including online stores, transportation services, and more.
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How to check the balance of my REMESITA CARD?
Learn how to check the balance of your REMESITA CARD simply and quickly through REMESITA.COM, where you can see the balance in MXN and its equivalent...
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In what currency are the funds on my REMESITA card stored and why?
Discover in this article in which currency the funds on your REMESITA card are stored and why Mexican pesos are chosen as the base currency.
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Why did the USD balance of my REMESITA card change by itself?
It depends on the internal exchange rate of MXN to USD at the moment you are seeing the conversion.
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What are the limits of my TARJETA REMESITA?
Know the minimum and maximum permitted amounts of your Remedy Card.
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Problems in shopping with my TARJETA REMESITA
Problems and errors when using your card online, in physical establishments or when extracting from ATMs.
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The P2P network in Remesita: What is it and how does it operate?
In this article you will discover how the P2P network works in Remesita, a safe alternative to exchange card balance with other individuals.
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How does the P2P Network work to recharge your Remedy Card from Cuba?
Payments you send with ENZONA or TRANSFERMOVIL are processed in our network of exchanges between pairs (PEERS) or individuals (P2P EXCHANGE NETWORK). L...
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Operation of the quotation system in the P2P network
What is the operation of the quotation system in the P2P network?

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