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The P2P network in Remesita: What is it and how does it operate?

What was the reason for the origin of the P2P network?

It is important to mention that REMESITA does not offer an option to receive money from Cuba.

How does this network operate?

The operation of this exchange network is based on the principle of supply and demand.

To keep this mechanism active, it is necessary to provide incentives to the end with lower demand and thus maintain a balance in the network.

If you are a REMESITA cardholder, you are free to use the balance and exchange it with another individual outside the network, but this would be an arrangement between you, in which Remesita cannot offer support, therefore, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the problems caused by operating in this way.


REMESITA acts as an intermediary in these operations, ensuring that they are carried out in a secure and transparent manner.

REMESITA guarantees the security and privacy of all its clients during the entire exchange process in the P2P network.

Last update: Oct 01, 2023

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