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Problems in shopping with my TARJETA REMESITA

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are experiencing a problem using your REMESITA PREPAID CARD .

Here we will provide you with information on what to do in case you experience problems when making a purchase with your REMESITA CARD, if you present a PIN error or if you cannot make a cash withdrawal at ATMs.

Problems when making a purchase with your REMESITA CARD

If you experience a problem making a purchase with your Remesita card, the first thing you should do is make sure you have enough funds available in your account. S Always remember that the value that we offer you in USD is only referential, since the base currency of the card is Mexican Peso (MXN), therefore you must also take into account that the merchant that charges is the one who applies the rate of reference change for your purchase . limits allowed by the card , that the card is not expired or that it is not frozen in your CARD section from our website or mobile.

In case the purchase is online, verify that you are providing the merchant with the required information correctly.

If your card is frozen, you can unfreeze it from your card section or by contacting Remesita customer service. We recommend that you keep your card frozen after each purchase to avoid unwanted charges, theft of credentials or any other unauthorized reason.

Remember that even if your card is frozen, you will be able to receive payments and recharges without problems, only you will not be able to make purchases with it online or in physical establishments.

PIN Error

If you present a PIN error when using your REMESITA CARD, make sure you are entering the correct PIN. remember that the issuing bank can block your card if it detects 3 failed PIN attempts in 24 hours.

Problems making cash withdrawals at ATMs

If you cannot make a cash withdrawal at an ATM, verify that you are using an ATM that accepts the REMESITA CARD. limits allowed by your card .

Last update: Oct 01, 2023

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