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International Remittance Card

Everything you need to know about our International Remittance Card.

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General information about the REMESITA CARD
Discover everything about the Remesita Card, a financial tool that offers you independence, security and efficiency.
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How to file a claim ticket on remesita.com?
Learn how to file a claim ticket at remesita.com and get help to resolve unrecognized charges on your card in a simple and reme...
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How Does Transactional Reputation Work in Remesita?
Discover how Transactional Reputation works in Remesita and how it guarantees secure and transparent transactions.
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List of countries where the Remesita Card is not available
In this article you will find a list of the countries where the Remesita Card is not available.
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How to request the Remesita Card?
Learn how to apply for the Remesita Card step by step at remesita.com/tarjeta.
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How do I activate my REMESITA card?
In this article we explain step by step how to activate your Remesita Card.
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Where can I use the REMESITA CARD?
Find out how to use the Remesita Card at popular merchants around the world, including online stores, transportation services, and more.
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How to check the balance of my REMESITA CARD?
Check your balance easily and quickly by following these steps.
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How can I receive payments from third parties on my REMESITA CARD?
Now you can also request payments to third parties from your Remesita Card.
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How to transfer balance from my REMESITA CARD?
If you already have an activated REMESITA CARD, you must access our REMESITA.COM website, authenticate yourself on the platform and follow these simple steps.

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