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Where can I use the REMESITA CARD?

Definitive guide to use the Remesita Card in popular businesses around the world.

In this article, we will show you the most popular stores where our customers make the most of their Remesita Card.

1. Use of the Remesita Card on the Internet

The Remesita Card can be used in a wide variety of online services and purchases.

  • Cloud hosting and storage services : Acquire hosting plans and cloud services on the main market platforms.
  • Shopping on leading platforms : Make your purchases on popular sites like Amazon and Aliexpress with total security and comfort.
  • Acquisition of plane tickets : Buy your tickets on airlines like Copa Airlines, VivaAerobus, American Airlines, and many more.
  • Integration with PayPal and other payment platforms : Connect your Remesita card to PayPal or other payment platforms to facilitate your online transactions.
  • And much more in online stores : Use your card in a large number of stores and online services.

2. The Remittance Card in Cuba

In Cuba, the Remesita Card is widely accepted in various shops and establishments.

  • More than 70 CIMEX stores
  • All ARTEX stores
  • All TRD Caribbean
  • SASA Automotive Services
  • Renowned hotels: Enjoy stays at hotels like Blau, Cubanacán, Meliá, Gran Caribe, Iberostar, Islazul, Paradisus, Tryp, Allegro, Riu, among others

3. Using the Remesita Card in Venezuela

In Venezuela, the Remesita Card is accepted in a large number of businesses, among which are:

  • Bolivarian Trade Network : Make your purchases in stores affiliated with this network with your Remesita Card.
  • Visa affiliated merchants : Enjoy the wide acceptance of your card in establishments that accept payments with Visa.

4. Popular businesses in Mexico

Mexico has a large number of establishments that accept the Remesita Card as a form of payment.

  • Convenience stores and airports : Use your card in convenience stores located throughout the country and in the main airports.
  • Big chains like Walmart, Sams Club and Home Depot : Make your purchases in these leading market stores with ease and security.
  • Mobility platforms such as Uber and DiDi : Pay for your trips in private transport services such as Uber and DiDi using your Remesita Card.

5. The Remittance Card in the United States

The Remesita Card is also accepted at many businesses and services in the United States.

  • Transportation services like Uber and Lyft : Use your card to pay for your trips on these popular transport platforms.
  • Pharmacies and stores like CVS and Walgreens : Shop for pharmacy products and other items at leading stores like CVS and Walgreens.
  • Travel agency : Plan your next vacation and pay with your Remesita Card at trusted travel agencies.
  • Walmart, 7-Eleven and other big name stores : Make your purchases in these popular stores and enjoy the convenience of paying with your card.
With the Remesita Prepaid Card , you will be able to make purchases and access services around the world in a safe and convenient way.

Last update: Mar 23, 2023

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