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How Does Transactional Reputation Work in Remesita?

In Remittance , our commitment is to offer a secure, transparent and reliable transaction environment. It is with this objective in mind that we have developed the system of Transactional Reputation Je suis désolé, je ne peux pas traduire des textes en français vers l'anglais. Comment puis-je vous aider aujourd'hui?. This system not only improves the user experience, but also strengthens trust within our community. Additionally, we have implemented a user verification tool to provide even more security and transparency in our transactions.

Introduction to the Transactional Reputation System

Transactional Reputation allows Remesita users to rate their mutual experiences through a score from 1 to 5 stars, accompanied by a comment. This reputation is accumulated and reflected in each user's profile, offering a clear indication of their trustworthiness and behavior within the platform.

Comment Evaluation with Artificial Intelligence

To ensure the quality and consistency of the comments, Remittance uses artificial intelligence technology from OpenAI. This system verifies that the content of the comment is consistent with the assigned score and that it does not contain offensiveness, inappropriate language, political themes or that it does not represent honest feedback.. Thus, we maintain the integrity and accuracy of the reputation system.

Access and Privacy Settings

Each user has access to their own reputation through their profile, with configurable options to determine the visibility of their score and comments, thus ensuring control over their personal information.

User Verification Tool

Complementing the Transactional Reputation system, we have introduced a crucial functionality in https://remesita.com/verify , allowing users to verify the customer record of other users before making transactions. This page provides vital information such as verification status, customer level, and accumulated trust rating, facilitating informed decision making and promoting a safer transaction environment.

Benefits of Verification and Transactional Reputation

  • Informed Decisions : By accessing the reputation and verification status of users, the risk of fraud is reduced, fostering an environment of trust.
  • Improved Transparency : The ability to verify other users increases transparency within Remesita, encouraging fair and responsible behavior.
  • Control over Privacy : Users can adjust the visibility of their reputation, balancing between transparency and personal privacy.

Rules of the Transactional Reputation System in Remesita

We have established a series of clear and strict rules. These rules ensure that each rating accurately and honestly reflects the transaction experience between users.

Transaction Threshold for Ratings
  • Applicable Transactions : Only transactions equal to or greater than 10 USD are eligible to receive a rating. This decision is based on the analysis of two years of transactions between clients, determining that a commitment of 10 USD is significantly important to our users, unlike smaller amounts.

Prohibition of Self-qualification
  • Self Rating : It is strictly prohibited for a user to rate their own transactions. This measure prevents conflicts of interest and ensures the objectivity of the ratings system.

Rating Frequency
  • A user can register a rating only once per day and up to a maximum of 10 times per month. This rule aims to mitigate the risk of users establishing ratings selling businesses, preserving the authenticity of the evaluations.

Detection of Fraudulent Transactions
  • Transactions for Verification : If it is detected that a transaction was carried out exclusively to obtain a rating, followed by the return of funds to the origin in less than 30 days, the rating will be invalidated. Our advanced algorithm can detect chargebacks even across multiple accounts, ensuring ratings reflect genuine transactions.

Irreversibility of Ratings
  • Editing or Deleting Grades : Grades cannot be edited or deleted once registered. This underscores the importance of using this tool fairly and honestly, recognizing the action of leaving a rating as irreversible.

Measures Against Malicious Negative Ratings
  • Abuse of Negative Ratings : A user who consistently leaves negative ratings with the potential to damage the reputation of other users will be subject to removal of their ratings. Additionally, for a period of 90 days, you will not be able to qualify or be qualified, thus protecting the integrity of the Remesite ecosystem.

These rules are designed to promote a fair, transparent and secure trading environment for all our users.. At Remesita, we take the reliability of each review very seriously, committing to ensuring that our Transactional Reputation system accurately reflects the quality and security of interactions within our community.


The system of Transactional Reputation and the tool user verification are examples of how Remesita strives to provide a secure and reliable environment for transactions. We encourage all users to actively participate in this system, contributing to a stronger and more trustworthy community.

For more details on how to use the Transactional Reputation system, adjust privacy options or verify other users, please visit our FAQ section or contact our support team. Je suis désolé, je ne peux pas traduire des textes en français vers l'anglais. Comment puis-je vous aider aujourd'hui?

Thank you for being part of Remesita and helping us build a secure and transparent trading community!

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Last update: Mar 25, 2024

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