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Frequent questions

Compilation of the frequent doubts of our clients.

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Everything you need to know when starting in Remesita. Remesita general services
Discover everything you need to know when getting started with Remesita, from Cuban card recharges to bill payments in Cuba. Get to know our services...
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Discover the Remesita Wallet: a new way to manage your digital finances
I will explain everything you need to know to get the most out of your Remesita Wallet.
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Set up your second layer of security with a TOTP token in Remesita
Learn how to configure the second layer of security in your Remesita account using a TOTP token with this quick and easy guide. Protect your account...
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Access your Remesita account with TOTP authentication after setting up your OTP factor
Learn how to access your Remesita account after having configured your OTP factor security layer using TOTP authentication. Follow these steps...
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What is a CLABE account and what is it for?
Discover in this article everything about the CLABE account, its importance in electronic transfers in Mexico, how it works in Remesita and the security...
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How to check if you are dealing with a verified Remesita customer?
How to check if you are dealing with a Remesita brand ambassador or verified customer?
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How can I receive my notifications?
Find out how you can receive your notifications conveniently by choosing your preferences in your profile on the platform.
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How to Activate Telegram Notifications?
Discover how to activate Telegram notifications in your Remesita profile and enjoy a better user experience with advantages such as inter...
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How to configure and use Remesita VPN?
Learn how to set up and use Remesita VPN in a few simple steps.
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What costs and commissions does REMESITA have?
The cost of each order depends on the amount you want to send, the type of service and the payment method you choose.

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