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What are the client levels in Remesita.com?

On our REMESITA.COM platform we offer you the opportunity to obtain benefits depending on the fulfillment of certain challenges and the levels of trust generated by you towards the platform, and in this way we grant you a classification as a user, which may be improved depending on compliance. of your new challenges, or it may be demoted depending on direct factors that influence failing to meet the already expired challenges.

Among the benefits that you will obtain by increasing user levels, we offer you some of a lifetime type, which you will not lose even if you lower your level, such as:

  • Participation and enjoy our Referral System.

  • Obtaining our international REMESITA card for free.

  • Confidence level obtained through the risk calculated at the time of verifying your identity.

Some of the benefits that you will obtain by increasing your level on our platform and that you could lose if your level decreases:

  • Increased limits allowed per day.

  • Increase in limits allowed in the month.

  • Permanent discounts on your payments.

  • Percentage Cash Back on your purchases with our Visa card.

  • Percentage Cash Back on purchases of our services.

Here you will be able to learn about the challenges to be met to ascend to each level as well as their specific benefits.

Last update: Oct 01, 2023

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