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What security does REMESITA offer?

Regarding how safe REMESITA is, keep in mind that:

- Sensitive data or financial information: We do not store or have access to your financial information, each form of payment is completely controlled by the client, that is, it is he who sends the payment from another system or bank account in case of transfers , we cannot access your financial information and we do not ask for card or bank account information.

- Personal data, privacy: Remesita only uses the contact information that is necessary to send you the notification of the status of your order in a timely manner or to communicate any matter related to the services and offers about them, we do not use your data or the we sell to third parties, to have a better understanding of what we do with your data, you can review the "Privacy Policies" section found at https://remesita.com/privacy

- Reputation: We have earned a reputation that you can check by reviewing the opinions of our clients, they are all public on our fan page: https://www.facebook.com/RemesitaAgency/reviews

- To learn more, you can read the "Terms and Conditions" section at: https://remesita.com/legal

Last update: Oct 01, 2023

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