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The rechargeable card without borders has arrived!

We have designed a VISA card with international acceptance to make it easier to support your loved ones with remittances. Order it online and we will send it to your family member at the door of their house



Follow these three simple steps.

Step #1

Register the order

Choose the service you need and get a quote. You must be 100% sure that your beneficiary information is correct.

Step #2

Send Payment

By registering the order you will receive payment instructions, it is important that you follow them to the letter so that we save time in the verification since it is a manual process that involves the supervision of our accounting team. . It is necessary that you make use of the reference that we generate to quickly find your transaction and that you send the receipt or proof of payment

Step #3

Delivery process

Once your payment is verified, the funds are released, it can take from 30 min to 2 hours to reach its destination. . Do not despair, you will be notified, by mail and by SMS, of each step of the process. Rely on our customer service team if you have questions about your order.

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