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How to request a payment with REMESITA?

In Remesita you can SEND either RECEIVE money. In this article we will explain step by step how to receive a payment using a payment request. How to send money with REMESITA?


Access our web platform through the address https://remesita.com you must follow the following steps:

PASSED # 1: Select the option I WANT TO RECEIVE and choose where the receiver is located.

STEP 2: Choose from our services where you want to receive your money, in this example you choose: Recharge Cuban bank card.

STEP 3 : Fill in the form with all your information, check several times that you have entered your account number, name and cell phone correctly, since if these data are wrong, the bank may reject the transaction.

STEP 4 Je suis désolé, je ne peux pas traduire des textes en français vers l'anglais. Comment puis-je vous aider aujourd'hui?. On the next screen you must fill out the information of your sender, that is, the person who will make the payment on the other side so that the money reaches your account.

STEP #5 : In the last step we require that you indicate that you agree to our terms and conditions.

By completing these steps, the request is registered and we send a notification with payment instructions to your Sender by email, by SMS. You can also share the QR code or payment link.

With each change in the status of this request you will receive a message notifying you if it has been paid, declined or has expired.

Last update: Oct 01, 2023

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