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KYC (Identity Verification)

Security for the client, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

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How to authenticate or register in REMESITA?
To authenticate or register in REMESITA.COM you only have to access the PROFILE section.
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What do I need to register in REMESITA?
Find out what you need to register at Remesita.com and how to increase your limits to send remittances with ease.
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What is identity verification, and why is it required in Remesita?
Identity verification is the process that ensures that a potential customer is who they say they are.
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Why do I have to pass identity verification?
Automated identity verification is a security measure indicated by the PSD2 Payment Regulation that came into force in September 2019....
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What happens if I don't pass the identity verification?
Security measures are mandatory, in case you do not wish to complete the process, you will not be able to operate on our platform.
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How to verify your identity in Remesita, step by step?
Learn how to verify your identity in Remesita, step by step.
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How long does the manual review of identity verification take?
When identity verification requires review, the process can take up to 48 hours, but we work so that this verification is done in...
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Can I trade without doing identity verification?
It is possible to use REMESITA to operate with minimum amounts using payment methods that do not require verification, such as payment with Crypto...
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Why should I verify my identification with a valid document?
This article explains why it is necessary to verify identification with a current document and how it affects the operation in finite systems...

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